The Last Avatar envisions to develop a holistic model for the welfare of the tribal communities. Tribal Art and Culture has been identified as the centric zone around which these models would be developed. They construct a major part of the community’s identity and therefore, loss of either could leave a deep dent in the community’s character. Hence, the Last Avatar is working towards the revival of these cultural assets and promoting a self-sustainable model among the tribal communities based on their cultural heritage.

Special ‘Art and Culture Workshops’ have been designed for the local youth to connect them with their roots. They are the future and are responsible for taking forward their cultural heritage.

These workshops are intended to harness local traditional knowledge systems and art and cultural aspects within the younger generations. The workshops are inclusive of all the major forms of local art- traditional painting, folk tales, folk music, folk dance, and other cultural aspects- traditional practices, rituals, local beliefs and norms etc.

We will be conducting many art workshops in the remote areas of India, you can donate any amount for the workshop, we will be donating your contribution to them in the form of colors, books, paints etc.

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