Founder, Photographer – Aman Chotani, The Last Avatar Project

Aman Chotani is a professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi, India who explores the world documenting travel, culture and life. He works on freelance projects with travel agencies like Cox and kings and travel magazines like outlook traveler, travel biz, India today, tlf magazine etc. These experiences include capturing stunning images of inspiring destinations include India, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Oman, France, Turkey, Israel, Australia, UK, wildlife projects for Deccan Odyssey, UK news agency – Carter News and many more. 

Instagram – aman_chotani


Co-Founder – Vishal Bali, The Last Avatar Project

An observant traveler with the liveliness, passion, inquisitiveness to learn and gain both knowledge and experience, Vishal enjoys the opportunity to meet people of all ages and cultures. He takes pride to show them just how beautiful this country of ours is.

For your convenience, we have mentioned some of the roles that he has played in hospitality and we would love for him to share his experiences with budding architects as to how one can connect architecture of a place with its culture, people and history. He would love to have people connect the dots and get a picture of how a city shapes up with various influences during a course of time.

Instagram – Vishaljodhpur


Co-Founder – Stanzin Chokphel, The Last Avatar Project

Stanzin is a native of Ladakh. After completing his higher secondary education, Stanzin developed a strong passion for the art of filmmaking. He then joined the Barry John’s School of Acting in New Delhi, India. After completing his training here, he worked as an actor for television commercials and shows. He now runs a production company in Ladakh called ‘The Ladakh Story’. He has worked as a line producer in many feature films, television commercials and documentaries. Some of his line produced projects include the feature film, Chuskit and the Discovery Channel television show, Incredible India.

Instagram – The Ladakh Story


Co-Author – Roohani Sawhney, The Last Avatar Book

Roohani is a Social Anthropologist with her research dedicated to exploring specific tribal
practices (traditional and cultural) that reflect how indigenous communities imbibe post-
modernistic values. Her education in the field of Sociology intrigued her into exploring the
eclectic philosophies that govern this society. The same is well reflected in her art and
publications. She is a published author and a fine artist. She wishes her work to be a catalyst to
evoke thoughts of social and personal reformation. Roohani holds a dynamic personality with
hands-on experience in training and management. She is highly inspired by the rural regime and
wishes to inculcate aspects from the same in her personal lifestyle.

Instagram: roohanisatelier


Writer – Vrinda Vaid, The Last Avatar Project

Vrinda Vaid is a written word artist who voyages seamlessly from lucid poetry to research content. She identifies as an independent poetess and writes professionally in English and personally in Hindustani. A graduate in English Literature from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, Vrinda now works on independent projects covering everything from contemporary journalistic writing to more personally borne scripts. She lives in Delhi, India.

Instagram – Mainvrindavaid


Cinematographer – Ashutosh Kalla, The Last Avatar Project

Ashutosh is a ‘techie turned photographer’. He has an eye for geometry and patterns. He loves to capture frames from everyday life of people. He believes in storytelling through photography and loves to travel-intrigued by the scenes which we generally happen to overlook. Coming from Jodhpur – cultural heritage city of Rajasthan, he likes to travel to different places, meet local people and capture their culture in his photographs.  He has been actively doing Street Photography, Fashion Photography and Documentary Visuals. With an inclination towards thought provoking art forms, he has also worked for various short films, music videos and advertisement shoots.

Instagram – enigmatic.imaginations